Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade & More!

Macchiato lovers rejoice! Did you know Starbucks added a new drink to their menu? A Vanilla Macchiato. I have yet to try it, but my plan is to snag one next time I head to the store. MMM!

In the mean time though, while I'm at home, I will still be able to relish in a Starbucks beverage because I have found the secret to making Passion Tea Lemonade's at home. It wasn't too hard... I just had to find the right lemonade. Since I found it, I've been making these at home a lot lately. Aaron doesn't care much for them at all, so I've taken the time to perfect my iced green tea making skillz. (Yes, with a "z" because I have mad tea skillz!)

What you need:
■ 2 packets of Tazo Passion Tea
■ one stick of True Lemon lemonade mix

Now I tape my tea packets to the side of the container, but you don't have to do that if you don't want. I just hate fishing the strings out when they fall into my tea, because they always fall into my tea. Unless I tape them. Or tie them to the handle of my mug. Yeah...

Anyways! Fill container with boiling water and let cool (keep the tea bags in there until cool so it's extra flavorful). It seems to me like it takes f o r e v e r for it too cool, so I'll make this when I get home first thing, so it'll be ready after dinner.

What you need for green tea:
■ loose leaf green tea or two packets of your fave green tea
■ tea strainers if using loose leaf

Fill container with boiling water and let cool. Aaron likes his tea crazy strong, so I leave the leaves or bags in the container for an hour or so.

Once the tea is cool enough, pour it into your fave cup or tumbler and enjoy!

Forget the fact I'm drinking this at 11pm~ cheers!!

Seriously, this taste just like you get it at Starbucks. Hold on, I need more...

Hmm... hopefully this tea doesn't keep me up all night!! ♥



Ooh, that does look good. Especially with the scorching heat we've been having. I've been doing a lot of juicing.

Pamela said...

Yum! That looks delicious!

Chandra said...

That looks incredible! Totally going to try them :D

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