Road Trip Tally v1

Do you play any car games while you're on road trips?  Counting "slug bugs" or spotting trains for instance.  My family was really big on car games as we took lots of road trips gowing up.  It was a mixed blessin for my parents, I think, beause it kept us busy and free of arguments, but we'd call out just about everything unique we saw.

Now that I'm grow up Aaron and I have our own car games we play.  We slug each other for slug bugs, throw up a "peace sign" for Volvo's (cuz it makes a V with your fingers), double fist slug for Mini Coopers (and call them in a silly voice saying "mini coooooooop"), and push up our glasses for Smart Cars.  (There are variations of this for the driver for safety.)

We live out in an area that's mostly desert and farmland so there's a ton of wildlife that I enjoy counting.  "Big birds" like bald eagles, hawks, and ospray.  Animals like marmots, sheep, goats, deer, and elk.  And the most exciting of all (if you're me) military vehicles- jeeps, armored vehicles, medical trucks, double helicopters, and jets.  Oh!  And windmills (pronounce windmeels, if you're me ;D).

For as long as I've had this blog I thought about writing down a tally of all the cool things I saw, but never did because I thought people would think I'm silly. Well I don't mind if people find I'm silly, and I count things every trip so it's kinda a big deal to me.

So this last weekend we went to Boise for a wedding, and I counted a lot of fun things!

• 1 bajillion Volvos (I stopped counting in the first hour cuz there were so many) (for this reason we just stopped counting vehicles all together)
• 16 big birds
• 2 herds of goats
• 1 herd of sheep
• 1 herd of just bulls
• 4 military vehicles (including one very small convoy)
• 3 trains
• 3 pockets of windmills

There, I did it!  That wasn't painful at all and you'll prbably not stop reading my blog because of this post. Right?! >.<;;

What car games do you play on road trips?


Basket of Organizing Goodies

"Back to school" sales are my favorite types sales.  Stores line their shelves with colorful and fun school and organization supplies.  I'm a sucker for them.  Target is especially awesome (but brutal for my bank account) thanks to their awesome Dollar Spot.  It's a rare occassion I leave Target without a handful of items from there.

Today Dean and I had a little shopping date so Aaron could nap since he wasn't feeling well.  Dean helped me pick up a basket full of goodies.  Most of it is for my planner and keeping all that stuff organized.  Now I can keep it all together in one nice spot instead of the bags I've been using.

The pouch, rulers, and pencils I got in Japan, and the mini pens I got at Target.

Various ink pads, stamps, and paperclips.

Clips, pads of paper, and washi tape.

A one-hole punch and a six-hole punch I ordered on Amazon.

Some good old Smashbook accessories.

L o v e  the notecard sets Target has been selling this year.  I used them for for my baby shower and a few other special occasions.  They're perfect for all of the reasons so of course I picked up all the new sets Target had.

Are you a sucker like me for Target and it's Dollar Spot items? <3

What I'm Currently...

Knitting: A second baby doll cardi in neon orange

Watching: Day 5 of New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax tournament

Loving: My new Kate Spade planner (my first designer item)

Wanting more of: ham salad crepe

Drinking: homemade hazelnut iced coffee

What are you currently doing? <3


One Last Time

Tomorrow my baby boy turns four months old! How crazy is that?! Oh man, it's hard to fathom just how much has happened since he was born. The time has flown by and dragged on slowly at the same time. Life has been constantly changing.

One big change for us is that I've decided to stop nursing. It was a pretty big deal to me (tears were involved) but I've decided it's just what is best for us. Dean is used to a bottle since he's babysat while Aaron and I are at work. Nursing is a very special thing for me, and I'm sad to see that part of my bonding time with my baby go. I'll still have bonding time feeding him bottles, but it's different. Very different. I honestly didn't think nursing would be such a big deal to me. I am mostly going to miss the view:

This face. It makes my heart melt. I never want to forget this time I had with my baby.



Color Coding

The months of July and August have been (and are going to be) crazy for us. Birthdays, anniversaries, taxes, imports/shipments, tournaments, a convention, and more taxes mean that I need to be on top of my time and money. This is why I picked up a planner and after using it for a few weeks I'm starting to get into an efficient grove. It has helped us a ton already and I feel pretty confident that I'll be sticking with it.

Over the course of the last few weeks I've tried different things to see what I liked/didn't like and what worked/didn't work for me. Post-it notes, to-do lists, highlighters, and colored pens, oh my! After hours and hours spent scouring blogs and watching youtube videos I've come up with a system I'm pretty set with.

I found a blog post on Plannerisms about color coding with a "life mapping" system. It's basically an indexing system to help you see at a glance what events are happening that week, or however far in the future you plan, using colors.

This is my oversized index insert that I keep directly behind the current week in my planner. My life is separated into six categories and when an event or something is happening on a particular week I mark it on the edge of the paper. The squares I mark on my week match the position of the squares on my insert for continuity. I like having my week on two pages, that way I have enough room on each day to write out multiple things like events and lists.

Once a few weeks are completed using this system, you can flip backwards and can tell just by the colors on the edge of the paper what events happened. These weeks look pretty much the same, but that's because I have that many things going on right now. This works for flipping forward in the month or year. If you know ahead of time when certain things will happen you can color them in and if you forget the date you can still find it just by looking for the colored square.

For a detailed tutorial on how to make a life mapping system like this, along with some other life mapping resources, check out DIYfish's blog. If you are interested you should definitely check it out. I also watched a good video by One Fantastic Find on how to create an index.

How do you keep your planner organized? Do you color code also?