8 years 1 month and 1 day ago

I can't believe I never posted this. Oh my gosh. Seriously. This was kinda a big deal. I meant to post this September 6th but spaced it. Better late than never, right?

So September 6th was our 8th wedding anniversary. It's crazy to think we tied the knot so long ago! Crazy and wonderful. We actually got married at the court house but we had a beautiful and large reception once we got back from our honeymoon. This picture was taken then.

My dress was made in 1977 and was everything I didn't want in a dress~ cream colored, flowered lace, sleeves, and empire waist. I found it at a dress fair to raise money for cancer. There was a huge shared dressing room, where a handful of other girls were trying on dresses too. When my sister zipped this one up it felt like the world went silent and everyone in the room looked at me and all nodded at once. This. was. THE. dress. It was perfect.

Aaron and I have known each other since the fourth grade. He's known me (and loved me) from the time I wore my hair in a sideways pony tale, rocked neon leggins like it was nobody's business, tied my shirts to one side, only watched the Disney Channel and PBS, had terrrrrrrible acne, was convinced our dad's were "men in black" instead of nuclear engineers... clear through an unfortunate bitchy phase, came to my senses, decided to work 3 jobs during one summer, and getting super lazy. He's seen and loved me through my best and worst times.

He truly is my best friend and the perfect fit for my life. One true love. Sparkles, fireworks, butterflies, light headed-ness, weak knees~ the whole shebang.

For the first time in what feels like a life time, I dressed up to go out to dinner with him. He likes my hair in a ponytail, so I made it a special ponytail. What is that hair style called again? It has a name but I can't remember.

We went to Casa Mia, a favorite little Italian place of ours. Our server surprised us with ice cream when we told her it was our anniversary. No picture would be 100% complete without some form of hand sign from Aaron. This time it was an upside down "west-side" sign. What is that? "Married-side"?

We're not perfect people, but I couldn't be without him. He's the best husband and best daddy. I'm excited to spend forever after with him. ♥♥♥


The great outdoors

The apartment comple we live at has been doing a bunch of landscaping in our court this summer.  A few days ago they laid sod down in place of the juniper bushes and rocks.  I'M LOVING THE GRASS!

So is Dean.

That smile just makes me melt! *^_____^*  This is our first trip outside on the grass and it's just so nice!  The weather here has been too hot duringthe  day so I waited until almost 7pm to come out here.  Once fall hits an it's not 80-90 degrees all day long, I think we'll be spending a lot more time outside.  

This is my third cup of Mother's Milk tea today and I've read 15 chapters of this book in the last few days.  *So good!*

What have you guys been up to this weekend?  Any thing special or fun?


I hit the pan!

Hitting the bottom of a make up product is something that I dreaded in the past. I had this fear that once I used up a product it was gone forever never to be found, used, or loved again. It's pretty extreme, I know.

That is probably why I have so much make up... yeah it's definitely a factor.

To my surprise when I hit the pan of my new Snow White ELF eye shadow set, I was excited. "Look at that! I loved this so much you can tell by how much I'm using it!"

My first thought to myself was "Wow! I should go buy another one!" Haha! I haven't done it... yet. The creamy yellow is the perfect base color and blends in exactly with my cream eye shadow base. That color with the pretty gold on the upper left (and a baby bit of the brown in the bottom right)~ that combination gets me more compliments than I probably have ever in my life. This isn't an exaggeration.

Also this week, I hit the pan on my powder. Seeing this silver poke out doesn't freak me. There is always more powder.

This is the second compact this summer I have purchased of this particular brand and shade, and I will absolutely be buying another one. My dry skin has never looked good with powder, but since I had the baby my skin has acted differently and, for whatever, reason this powder just really works. It has great coverage without being heavy or cake-y.

Pretty soon I'll be hitting the pan on a Two Faced pallet my mom got me for Christmas. More creams and golds in that set are running a bit low.

When was the last time you hit the pan on a make up product? Is it a big deal for you? ♥


30 Days of Lists Catch Up Post

Must haves for a night in...
*snuggly blanket
*Final Fantasy XI
*Something tasty to drink

The best things about this week...
*Aaron's birthday
**GOING TO GO SEE NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON** <- I forgot to write that one *NTX Takeover PPV *going to a Mariner's game *finding a lost knitting pattern Best places to find inspiration...
*people watching
*flipping through magazines

Favorite cliches...
*"Better out than in" - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
*"No... why?" - my friend Hiro



Slow, deep breaths.

Having never experienced true anxiety before, this postpartum process has been... well just that, a process.

In the past I would just brush off or ignore things that could stress me out. I would not allow myself to be stressed by them. It's hard to for me play off or play down things now in that way without feeling like I'm trivializing legit feelings. When I try doing that it feels like I'm telling myself that I shouldn't feel those feelings. That it's not right to feel those feelings. I should be better than that.

But I am feeling anxiety for whatever reason and I'm working on it. I am feeling anxious and that's ok. I'm working through it. It's something I need to repeat to myself over and over again. Like a record player. I am feeling anxious and that's ok. I am anxious and I. am. ok.

Breathing, snuggling with Aaron, and nursing Dean are the best ways for me to calm down. When I'm at work, alone (like I am right now), two of these options aren't available. So I just gotta breathe. Slow, deep breaths.

What helps you be calm? Breathing? Lavender? Praying? Drinking chai tea and eating all of the chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels in the world? (Chocolate and yogurt separately though, not together.) I could totally be drinking/eating that right now. ♥